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A Mid-NaNoWriMo Coffee Break

Annicka/ November 15, 2017/ Blog, Editing, Writer's Life, Writing/ 0 comments

Alright, so it’s a coffee break if coffee breaks are like… a week long. And it’s really not so much of a break as it is a little NaNoRebelliousness. But it’s day 15, that midpoint for NaNoWriMo, and I haven’t written much that’s new. The story I started with Fabian for NaNo hasn’t been touched in five days and I’ve

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Silk & Swords Update

Annicka/ October 24, 2017/ Blog, Writer's Life, Writing/ 0 comments

Wooo I’ve got a timeline worked out for Silk & Swords!! I’m really, really excited by this. Fabian (my co-author) has started reading it in pieces and his reaction is¬†exactly the reaction I want from everyone else. Granted, he’s familiar with these characters so I’m hoping it’s not just because he’s already invested in them. Heh. You may have seen

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