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A Mid-NaNoWriMo Coffee Break

Annicka/ November 15, 2017/ Blog, Editing, Writer's Life, Writing/ 0 comments

Alright, so it’s a coffee break if coffee breaks are like… a week long. And it’s really not so much of a break as it is a little NaNoRebelliousness. But it’s day 15, that midpoint for NaNoWriMo, and I haven’t written much that’s new. The story I started with Fabian for NaNo hasn’t been touched in five days and I’ve

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Silk & Swords Update

Annicka/ October 24, 2017/ Blog, Writer's Life, Writing/ 0 comments

Wooo I’ve got a timeline worked out for Silk & Swords!! I’m really, really excited by this. Fabian (my co-author) has started reading it in pieces and his reaction is¬†exactly the reaction I want from everyone else. Granted, he’s familiar with these characters so I’m hoping it’s not just because he’s already invested in them. Heh. You may have seen

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Preptober: Week Three

Annicka/ October 19, 2017/ Blog, Writer's Life, Writing/ 0 comments

Lovelies, it’s getting closer to that time of year! The fresh scents, the eager scrambling, bright eyes filled with caffeine highs and trepidation. Yep, NaNoWriMo is nearly upon us! Are you excited? Have you filled your coffee cupboard with lots and lots of coffee, stocked your pantry with easy to eat snacks? Do you have an entire month of prepped

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