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On Writer’s Block & Playlists

Annicka/ February 14, 2018/ Blog, Writer's Life, Writing/ 0 comments

I feel like I’ve made multiple posts on both of these subjects before. Hm. I have, actually, though the playlist one is old (you can find it over here) but it bears repeating in this case. In my last post, I talked about struggling with writer’s block this past weekend and decided I’d just push through it and force out the

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Playlists for Writing: Distracting or Productive?

Annicka/ September 27, 2017/ Blog, Writing/ 0 comments

I know a lot of people use playlists while they’re writing, for specific feels and scenes, characters, overall book theme, etc. My iTunes is full of them. I have a playlist for every one of my characters, every one of my couples, and a few for specific characters at a specific point in a timeline. I’m ridiculous. But I also know

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