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5 Tips To Improve Your Writing

Annicka/ October 22, 2017/ Blog, Critique, Editing, Writer's Life, Writing/ 0 comments

Hello, lovelies! I’ve been wanting to make this post for quite some time now, particularly with NaNoWriMo creeping up, but I haven’t really been sure I’m the proper person to make this post. And, of course, it’s already been made multiple times elsewhere on the internet. But then— who is qualified to make this post? A professor? A published author? A

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Son of a Pitch! The Critique

Annicka/ September 23, 2017/ Agent Search, Critique, Editing, Query, Writing/ 0 comments

So absolutely happy to have had the chance to participate in Son of a Pitch (#sonofapitch on Twitter.) Such great feedback! There’s some great stories out there, too, so I’m happy to be included with awesome writers. All in all, you guys have given me some seriously good advice that I’ve been mulling over all week. Originally I wanted to include

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Annicka/ September 18, 2017/ Editing, Writing/ 0 comments

I’ve been toying with ideas for my first blog post, since this is a fresh start and I have no idea who’s gonna come by and read this. There’s so much to talk about! So much going on! I’m doing new things, I’m chatting with authors, I’m editing almost nonstop! So, it’s totally natural to decide on Twitter for a subject,

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