Breaking My Writer’s Block

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My last blog post, posted on Friday, featured an excerpt from the new project Fabian and I are working on. I really, really enjoyed writing the final scene, which is the part I posted, and sharing it got me so pumped to write more. Yey! That’s exactly what a writer wants, right?

So I sat down to write more, but all that excitement began to melt away.

Crap. How do I start the next chapter?

It’s not a matter of figuring out what comes next, but how to get it down on the damn paper! Or… computer screen, in this case. It’s not a lack of desire to write, either. I’m still eager to write. But finding the words is just… I’m stricken stupid and I can’t get out a single complete sentence.

I feel like this is one of those cases where a few glasses of wine might actually help me. Sure, what comes out will probably be crap, but at least I got something out, right?

So, what the hell caused my writer’s block?

Honestly, I feel this is a case of the writer getting in her own way. There’s a few other issues there, too, I’m really tempted to work on revisions for another beloved project and I’ve got that main character in my head a lot. Occasionally it’s hard to shut her up. (Sorry, Catori, I love you but damn.)

I’m also not in position where I need to worry over much about adverbs and tight, beautiful sentences. This is the first draft, the goal is to just get it out there. I know, I know, I shared an excerpt from the first draft, I must be insane, right?

But even without the constraint of rules, I’m struggling to get the words out.

I’ve got a plan to break my writer’s block, though.

It’s not wine, either unfortunately. I put off writing for most of the weekend, I think I managed to eke out half a page at most. I spent my weekend reading and watching the winter Olympics (which, by the way, is fucking amazing.) So here’s my plan for Monday and beating my writer’s block.

  • Take a long, hot shower.
  • Put on super comfy clothes.
  • Have a delicious cup of coffee.
  • Scream.
  • Blast some music.
  • Sit down and force out the scene without anything to make it pretty.
  • Wish for wine.

Is it really a good idea to force out a scene?

I have no idea. But as I said, I know the content for the next two chapters, it’s the words that escape me. Couple that with the fact that this is a first draft, I think I can get away with forcing it out. If it’s shit, I’ll rewrite it at a later time instead of letting it stagnate now and not touching it for god knows how long. If I did that, then Fabian would have to bitch at me and it’s just better if I try to get it out on my own first.

I’ll never forgive myself for this gif.

I cut out a constipation joke, it was just very bad taste even if it did make me giggle-snort at 12:30am.

I’ve gotten some pretty interesting advice on Twitter for how to handle writer’s block, though, so I thought I’d share a little here.

Now, this is definitely something I’ve never tried before and I’m curious to try it. This might not be the best bit of writer’s block to try it on, but then… when is writer’s block ever “best” in anything other than annoying and frustrating? If forcing it out doesn’t work, I may have to give this a try.

Does anyone else have any ways to beat writer’s block? Feel free to share in the comments, I’d love to know! No really, I’d love to know. Please?

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