What Went Wrong During PitMad?

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I was going to participate, wasn’t I? But I didn’t. I didn’t get a single tweet out. Something held me back from setting up those scheduled tweets and I think it amounted to an internal voice saying, “You’re not quite ready. Don’t waste their time and yours.”

Then around 12pm I decided, fuck it. I’m going to do PitMad right after lunch! I made myself some food, ate, and smelled smoke.

Fuck, did I leave the stove on?!

I did not leave the stove on. I did, however, leave the window open. I took this picture around 1:30pm and that plume of smoke was from a fire burning just outside my city. At that time, there was hardly any news on it (my city was saying, naw, there’s no fire, it’s just drift smoke from other fires further away!) and it was about 20 acres.

By 4:30pm, it was 200 acres, 5% contained, and about five miles from me. I had friends evacuating and my co-writer’s family’s house was literally just outside the evacuation zone. My roommate’s bus route was closed, so he was stuck at school waiting for his friend to give him a ride and his mother had to leave work early to pick up his younger siblings from school. We packed up bags just in case we needed to evacuate.

My mom was freaking out, too. She was at work in another area of California and our phone payment was due. She was short $40, so she was worried we’d have no way to contact each other if I had to evacuate. I’m sure having to work while knowing I was only five miles from the fire and she couldn’t do anything made her frantic.

And then there was another fire really close by, to the south of us, but no one really knows what happened to that. The news station reported it, but then said it was unclear what happened. I guess it was small and taken care of quickly. I don’t know.

So, I missed PitMad. But it was probably for the best, anyway. THE UNBROKEN still needs some work, I think. I have to go adverb hunting again and the prologue needs some major editing. Perhaps revision entirely. I don’t know yet. I’ve been letting it sit for now.

As for the other manuscripts, I’m gonna edit them in order for now. The third one–the one we just started for NaNoWriMo–is sitting untouched currently because of the holidays. My co-writer is busy with family stuff, so we probably won’t get back to that until after the new year. But that’s okay– I’ve got Silk & Swords to post up for you guys.

Oh, yes! The evacuations were all lifted by Friday morning, though schools remained closed. It was pretty cool having the SuperTanker flying around overhead, too. I do love me some airplanes. But all the tankers dropping fire retardant did an amazing job and was probably a large part of why the fire was contained so well all night.

I wasn’t too worried about us, though. There was a lot of fuel for the fire if it caught on homes, but it had to jump two freeways to get to us. Still, it’s always better to be prepared for the worst and honestly, with so many people in the path of the fire… It’s just really good to know it didn’t do much damage. I think only one home was consumed and thankfully no one was hurt.


Side note, Star Wars: The Old Republic is supposed to have a double experience event going on starting tomorrow. If you don’t get many updates for the rest of the month… Assume I’ve been sucked into the world of MMOs.

I’ll be sure to get Silk & Swords out on time, though! Speaking of, head on over to the Silk & Swords tab for the fourth chapter! I just posted it, and if you haven’t started reading yet, why not dig in now? It’s a free story, after all.

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