Going Mad for PitMad

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Does anyone else get super anxious over Twitter pitch parties? Because I do. I’m not entirely sure I like them for that very reason. I put a lot of effort into them, but I think I get a little too stressed over something that works only rarely, it seems.

For those of you who don’t know, a Twitter pitch party like PitMad–coming up on Thursday, Decembeer 7th–is where writers and authors can pitch their work in (originally) 140 characters or less. Now that Twitter’s expanded that to 280 characters, PitMad has as well, so there’s a little more wiggle room in this pitch party. Anyway, literary agents and agencies and publishers will browse through the tweets and like the pitches that interest them. If an agent or publisher likes your tweet, it means you’re welcome to query them and they’ll be keeping an eye out for your email. It’s an extra level of interest, basically.

And that’s awesome, right? Agents and publishers are looking at your work! If they like your work, out of the millions of other tweets going out for the pitch party, that’s amazing! You’re so close to getting an agent, or a publishing deal! Exciting!!

Except it’s kind of not for me. For one, even if an agent or a publisher does like your tweet, it’s only an invitation to send your query. They’ll pay a little more attention to your query, which is awesome, but there’s no promise that they’ll take you on as a client. I’m not saying there should be that promise, but so far every pitch event I’ve taken part in, I’ve seen people pin their hopes on their pitches like getting a like is akin to landing an agent. It isn’t.

I stress out over exposure, too, and I’m guilty of being super let down when no one’s really liking my pitches. But my first PitMad experience was… meh. I wasn’t ready for it and to be entirely honest, I’m not sure I’m ready for this one either. I’ve worked so hard to polish up my manuscript, but is it really, really ready?

Maybe I’m just being hard on myself. I don’t know.

I do know that I’ll participate, but I’m going to take a step back this time. I’ll schedule my tweets accordingly, then plop myself down on Star Wars: The Old Republic and play video games all day. I’ll take a look at Twitter the next day and see how I did. Because the constant scouring of Twitter, the staring at my pitches and worrying over whether or not they’re good enough, whether I’m good enough, or whether that stupid Twitter argument is going to ruin everything for me and Fabian, is really bad for my mental state.

I’m really glad events like PitMad exist. SonofaPitch helped me out a lot, DVPit is such a great way for marginalized voices to be heard, and PitMad offers a lot of exposure. Truly, I approve of these events. I just don’t approve of how I react to them. I’d like to shut my mind up for a day while they happen, honestly. Hence why I’m going to sink myself into video games on the 7th.

I’ll be busy polishing up my pitches until Wednesday, so there may not be another blog post this week. We shall see. I’m fairly certain I’m just about ready for these events, I think the manuscript for THE UNBROKEN is pretty much done–or as done as I can make it. I just need to kick this self-doubt to the curb and put it out there again.

To any of you who plan to participate in PitMad, good luck! We’ve all worked hard on our manuscripts and really, it is an accomplishment to be able to participate in these events. Don’t lose sight of that. But don’t forget your self-care, either! For people like me, these events are stressful and if you need to step back a little during the event, that’s okay.

So, are you participating in PitMad? What are your thoughts on some pitch party self-care? Let me know in the comments! 🙂

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