Silk & Swords: Cover Reveal!

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So, I’ve been working hard on Silk & Swords for NaNoWriMo– bein’ a bit of a NaNoRebel this year, I guess. I’ve turned into an editing fiend; it’s been just about nonstop, really. This isn’t seeing an editor, so I have to rely on myself here. I’m also toying with different ideas for releasing it and then it still needs to be formatted for ebook, and gah! I need my mom.

No really, I need my mom. She does this stuff better than I do lol.

The one thing I can do, and do well, is a cover. I’m really happy with how it turned out– I can’t afford to pay for stock images, so everything’s just what I could find on Unsplash that worked. (Except the sun and sea logo, I made that myself.)

Anyway! I’m pleased, and I’m really excited because there’s only a few days before I put out the first chapter of Silk & Swords!! November 20th, guys!! It’s so close. So. Close.

On to the cover!

I’m so proud of this beauty. So proud! I’ve never actually made a cover before– so proud. So yes, let me know what you guys think! Drop a comment, and don’t forget! November 20th.

It’s all free, so drop by and read! I’ll be offering the entirety of the story as an ebook in January, but I’ll be posting a new chapter every Monday starting November 20th.

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