NaNoWriMo: Chapter One First 250

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So people are sharing their first 250 words from each chapter, I guess? And that sounds like an awesome idea, so I’m gonna do the same thing! Maybe not every day. We’ll see. If I do it every day, I may do first 250 from each scene. That’d be fun.

So, here it is!

The trek down Main Street was a different experience for Catori as Doran’s wife. Instead of a peasant dress or pants, she was well-dressed in a deep blue gown with intricate golden embroidery. Sapphires rested on her throat and dangled from her ears and gold bracelets tinkled around her wrists. People dipped their heads to her as a sign of respect as she passed instead of ignoring her entirely.

Brenden walked at her side as self-contained as any six-year-old could be, though his excitement threatened to bubble up at any moment.

“Remember what I said, Brenden,” she told him, and smiled as he squeezed her fingers.

“If I’m good we’ll go to the toy store,” he whispered, as though he were afraid to give away some secret.

“And we’ll pick up some new toys for you and Torin,” she added.

Her son looked up at her, a miniature version of his father. “Why did Torin stay home?”

“He’s still very young,” she explained. “Doran didn’t want him leaving the villa unless aboslutely necessary. A lot can happen to a baby and Doran’s very protective.”

“Is that why the soldiers follow us?”

Catori glanced over her shoulder at several guards following behind them. Three of them wore the crisp blue and gold uniforms of the Sun and Seas Company, complete with brocade vests and jackets. They didn’t look much like guards, more like several rich lordlings out for a stroll to gawk at ladies. Their numerous weapons said otherwise. Niro was closest to her, thankfully dressed as any normal guard, and his eyes scanned the street around them with keen attention to detail.

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