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Okay, so this aesthetic deserves a little bit more information to go with it. I’ve been doing a lot of “soul searching” for this character lately and although she infuriates Fabian quite a lot, I understand her entirely. I guess I should, since she’s 100% created by me.

Catori is one of those characters who bullies her writer until her true story is told, unapologetically. Sure, sometimes her choices are infuriating and make no sense, but as Fabian has pointed out to me on numerous occasions, that’s part of what makes her such a great character. She’s human. And she demands an authentic story.

You’ll meet Catori in Silk & Swords, after she’s already become a lady and gone through some shit, including two wars. It’s a taste of the kind of person she is, but I honestly can’t wait for the full novels to be actual novels so people can read them and see her in her entirety. Because Lady Catori Spicer is different from Catori in every other manuscript.

Creating her aesthetic was difficult because of that. Because of NaNoWriMo and the release of Silk & Swords, I decide to focus on her as a Spicer, after she marries High Lord Doran Spicer. It’s where I’m at in her mindset/story, so it made sense to stick with that. Besides, I’d already done two earlier aesthetics for her (though I’ll probably redo those at some point.)

Because of this, picking her playlist has been kind of difficult. I don’t have a playlist for this portion of her life yet, other than the one I used for Silk & Swords. I did my best, I think I picked the right one. Bah. This is so hard. This is why I make playlists, guys.

And yes. Janina Gavankar is literally perfect for Catori and no one will ever change my mind. Ever.



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