A Mid-NaNoWriMo Coffee Break

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Alright, so it’s a coffee break if coffee breaks are like… a week long. And it’s really not so much of a break as it is a little NaNoRebelliousness. But it’s day 15, that midpoint for NaNoWriMo, and I haven’t written much that’s new. The story I started with Fabian for NaNo hasn’t been touched in five days and I’ve been editing like mad.

I kind of knew this would happen. I had a feeling this year wouldn’t be new content for NaNoWriMo, but instead be a mixture of something new and something that needs editing. I just wasn’t sure why.

Last week, Fabian caught the sicklies. He felt like shit for days and we barely spoke. I actually got a little worried, I didn’t know he was sick only that he wasn’t really talkative. I’d worried that something had happened with him or his family that had him running around a lot. When I asked, he just said he didn’t have time to talk. Finally he told me he was sick and he had no meds and was still running around trying to help his mom with his siblings.

I can’t blame him for not touching his chapter while he’s sick. Who has the energy to sustain brainpower like that when you’re sick? Blegh.

In light of Fabian’s illness, I busted out Silk & Swords for a few rounds of editing. Yes. A few. Silk & Swords is the smallest story I’ve written at around 43k words. I wanted to keep it right around the 40k mark and I’m actually really sad I can’t seem to get it further down, but there’s some scenes I wanted to include that foreshadow for other stories, and well… 43k it is.

Given it’s length, I can comb this baby in its entirety in a single day. I haven’t been, but I can. It’s gone through about two rounds of editing and will go through one more before the first chapter is released– on Monday!!

It’s hard to believe it’s so close to being released, ahhhh! And of course, instead of being excited I’m sitting here like, “No one’s going to care. It hasn’t even seen an editor. Everyone will think it’s trash.”

I have to keep telling myself that whether or not people think it’s trash doesn’t matter. It’s a little story that serves as a cute introduction to the world Fabian and I write in and I had fun with it and it helps me with characters for the third manuscript and that’s all that matters.

That last sentence was super long, guys.

Anyway, Fabian still hasn’t written his chapter. I’ll bug him about it if he still hasn’t written by the 20th, but I’m honestly not too worried. I need to do another round of edits for The Unbroken anyway. After my initial round of (really shitty, unprepared, why-did-I-do-that) agent queries, I stopped to polish up that baby a little lot more. Now it’s time for another round.

Also: I could really use some beta readers/critique partners after this round of edits, so if anyone’s interested drop me a comment literally anywhere and we’ll talk.

How’s everyone doing for NaNoWriMo? Are you keeping up with your goals? Got any interesting story tidbits to share with me? How about Twitter hashtags to keep you motivated and interested, got any of those? I’ve been participating in #MCTruthDare run by the utterly awesome @kira_hawke and it’s been a lot of fun! Drop a comment, let me know how you’re doing!

And if you’re not participating in NaNoWriMo, answer anyway! How’s your latest bit of work going?

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