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So, I mention my co-author, Fabian, a lot. Which makes tons of sense when you realize that not only do we work together on a daily basis when it comes to writing, but he’s also my best friend. Seriously, I tell this guy more than he probably cares to know and over the course of writing two manuscripts together, we’ve gotten close. Or, I like to think we have and it’s wishful thinking on my part, idk. Either way, he’s my go-to person for just about everything. From our general conversations, you wouldn’t be able to tell.

But here’s the thing about Fabian: he’s seriously so much more than just a co-author. Our main project encompasses about 1300 years in a fantasy world and was based on D&D campaigns that he created. Yes, he created them. All the plot bunnies came from his head, he just infected me with them.

Both of us wrote for this world before we decided to work together. I wrote for my characters, he wrote… whatever he wrote, I don’t know what it was. But writing helped me get into the characters more and I loved it anyway. It wasn’t until we got through something like four campaigns that we decided we should seriously do this together.

A few other people helped, too. Our friend Ian is obsessed with orcs and a race of lizard people, so that’s where he came in. Then Matt just loves goblins, so all the goblin stuff is from him. I’ve done everything from artwork to worldbuilding to minor plots, to backstory, and helped to flesh out things that others weren’t interested in. I made a map. WE HAVE A MAP.

Everyone is really, really excited for the novels. It’s been a group effort in some ways, but when Fabian and I began writing these novels seriously it was with the understanding that their creative input falls under our copyright and this is Fabian’s world. This is Fabian’s brainchild. Sure, we’ve added a little spice (that’s funny if you read the novels) here and there, but he’s the ultimate creator. He could do all of this without my aid if he wanted to. He could scrap all the input from everyone who’s had so much as a single word of influence on this project and still have a great story.

To be honest, I’m the co-author here. We agreed on a 50/50 split for everything, but I have to run everything by Fabian and he gets the final say. Thankfully, he legitimately values my input and will listen to my reasons why I want to do something, so I’m not a ghost-writer. I love this project about as much as he does, I think, and he knows it. Or he should know it.

For the most part, we’ve hammered out worldbuilding together. We’ve cooked up subplots together and woven a pretty damn amazing tapestry. It’s easy to step out of this world and work with him on other projects, too, like the SciFi YA I also keep mentioning.

So yeah. Fabian is the one who wears the pants in this co-authorship. He laid the foundation and with some help from friends, we built the house, and now I’m going into a nesting frenzy while he rolls his eyes at me and boops me on the nose with a rolled up newspaper from time to time.

And yes, I just took a pregnancy metaphor and a dog metaphor and smashed them together.

Anyway! I thought it was important that people know how crucial Fabian is in this little partnership. I can write my own stories, but I don’t think I could write the scale of his world without him. I cannot complete these novels without him. I’m seriously so happy he wanted to work with me on this and it’s jumpstarted a desire to be an author in both of us. We’re both starting to settle into the idea of being a writer as a profession and not just a hobby.

So, you can follow Fabian on Twitter, he’s @TheFabianGonz and I’m gonna see about helping him get a website up. Or maybe make some guest posts here, since it’s already set up and his name’s everywhere (even though it’s a little girly.) We’ll see. Keep an eye on this guy, though, he’s a wonderful person and goddamn brilliant to boot.

Stay spoopy!

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