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Wooo I’ve got a timeline worked out for Silk & Swords!! I’m really, really excited by this. Fabian (my co-author) has started reading it in pieces and his reaction is exactly the reaction I want from everyone else. Granted, he’s familiar with these characters so I’m hoping it’s not just because he’s already invested in them. Heh.

You may have seen some teasers floating around my Twitter timeline at some point and you’ll definitely be seeing more the closer it gets to my release date. Right, I should probably tell you the date…

Silk & Swords will debut on Monday, November 20th!

PFFF this is exciting, I’ve never shared my work like this before. I don’t have a very large platform at the moment, so I’m not really expecting this to take off and be huge, but I’m looking forward to the responses I do get. I’ll also be considering releasing this on another platform, like Radish.

Speaking of, have you guys checked out Radish? It’s fairly new, but seems to be doing well, and I like the concept. It’s tempting to try it out, as there’s a LOT of content I can release on Radish and the potential to earn money is there.

Anyway! Back to Silk & Swords. November 20th will mark the start and subsequent Mondays will mark a new release for a portion of the serial. I know, a week between updates isn’t all that much, but this isn’t a very long serial and I want it all out there for the holidays.

HOLY– I didn’t even think about it, but that means the serial wraps up on Christmas Day. It’s too perfect. I didn’t plan that. I swear. I literally just picked a Monday and then realized what that meant. A+, me.

Well, now that I’ve blown my own mind, take a look at the latest teaser!

Don’t worry, there’s no sex scenes in this serial! Although I will say that I made a note in Scrivener one night detailing some minor information and at the very bottom of all that information was a single line of text: “Catori & Doran totally fuck.” I don’t remember writing that and I’m honestly not even sure why it warranted a mention. I nearly choked on my coffee laughing this morning after reading that note. It took me entirely by surprise!

Ugh, I want Scrivener. That’s going on my Christmas wishlist, heh.

Okay, super short blog post is done! Keep an eye out for the last Preptober post in the coming week, probably by Friday, and have a spoopy day everyone!

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