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Is this a rule? Is that a thing? I see all these posts about how to write a Twitter pitch for a novel and they’re so freaking useful, I love them, and I love the people that have helped me to write mine. Don’t think for a second I don’t.

But all of mine lack some personality and I find that… worrisome. I’m a silly, slightly sassy kinda gal and I like to throw some snark and sarcasm around and it shows in my writing. Sure, I’m writing fantasy, but I’m also tired of these fantasy novels that read the saaaame. Such proper speech in dialogue, flawless writing that honestly, doesn’t seem to change from author to author. That’s not me.

Has anyone else run into this problem? You focus so hard on getting your novel across that you lose your voice in it? I know, I know, we’re pitching the idea, but sometimes it’s not exactly the plot/story that makes it unique, it’s the voice. And I kind of think that’s been my problem when I’m writing the summary and the pitches. My voice is lacking.

Yes, I’m writing fantasy. An EPIC fantasy. Multiple points of view, dragons, orcs, elves, fuck there’s even vampires in this world. Sure, there’s war and there’s ladies and lords, but I can’t bring myself to write the same way Tolkien did, or the way George R.R. Martin does. It’s not me. And yeah, okay, the story itself is kind of serious. But my voice isn’t.

I didn’t spend hours saving Gilmore Girls gifs. I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Also, Chrome spellcheck caught ‘gifs’ as incorrect, but didn’t catch my typo when I dropped the ‘n’ from ‘didn’t’.

So tonight I caved and I wrote a Twitter pitch that I’ve been dying to use, but always felt it was just too silly. I knew, just knew that if I used it I’d get eye-rolls and people will think I’m trying to be cute and it’ll just come off as stupid. But I had some pretty “meh” pitches in there, so I just swapped it in and you know what? Fuck it. I’m me. I’ll let that show and I’ll be unapologetic. It wasn’t too bad, it got the general story across, and it had dragons in it, so you can’t go wrong.

I dropped the “focus on the main character” part. I added in her “supporting” cast of pretty awesome characters. I threw in the conflict. And then I threw in dragons in a totally irreverent way. And there’s room for tags!

Barmaid, bi lord, sarcastic officer, & half-orc blacksmith lead army to save a nation. Also there’s a dragon at the end. #DVpit ##F#LGBTQ


And if doesn’t get likes? I’ve got more serious ones in there that flesh out Catori (the main character) a little more. But this is, in essence, my story. And the characters are awesome and the war is not, but then there’s a fucking dragon!! They don’t even expect it. It’s literally a surprise to them. BAM, dragon at the end.

Okay it’s hinted at in the beginning, but they forget!

Anyway. I feel better. I’ll get out my silliness for DVpit on Tuesday and I’m super psyched for it and really, that silly one was better than the one I replaced. It can’t hurt.

Good luck during DVpit, everyone!

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