Preptober: Week Three

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Lovelies, it’s getting closer to that time of year! The fresh scents, the eager scrambling, bright eyes filled with caffeine highs and trepidation. Yep, NaNoWriMo is nearly upon us! Are you excited? Have you filled your coffee cupboard with lots and lots of coffee, stocked your pantry with easy to eat snacks? Do you have an entire month of prepped meals frozen in your freezer?

What? You don’t have a cupboard dedicated solely to coffee? How do you survive?

Okay to be fair about 1/3 of our cupboard is dedicated to coffee mugs… But still!

So, I did make a post earlier in the week talking about how I’m pulling some of my planned posts. Well, I’m still sticking to that. Some of those are out the door! And you know what? It freed up a LOT of time to work on my mini holiday story! Are you excited? I’m excited!


I’m a little bit worried about content for this story. I’ve got a good portion of it done and it’s the kind of stuff that gets stricken from a novel– probably because it’s between two novels. It’s the stuff you write for yourself, the stuff that helps you worldbuild and flesh out characters. That’s not to say this whole story is a snoozefest (my co-author would disagree with me on that,) but it’s not an action packed fantasy story. I make no apologies.

The conflict for Silk & Swords is very personal to the main character, Catori. It delves into her fears as wife and mother, her insecurities now that she’s been rocketed into nobility. She goes through some very human self-doubt. Because really, who wouldn’t freak out over being shoved into a new role you were entirely unprepared for and didn’t see coming? Exactly.

This story is also a little bit of prep for our third manuscript. All the fun action takes place in the books, I’m sorry, but there will be politics as her husband tries to find allies and old enemies make life difficult, even in a small way. There’s hints at some seedier shit going on. Honestly, this is probably a dark holiday read, but at the same time it’s necessary development and it literally lines up perfectly with the holidays on the timeline. Seriously. I did not plan that shit, it happened on its own.

Did you notice I apologized after saying I make no apologies? Heh.

Anyway, I worry the content might be less fantasy in nature and a little dark in terms of her anxiety and self-doubt (and self-worth, too) but it all comes together nicely in the end and it was just too perfect an opportunity to pass up. This whole story will be entirely unedited (other than my own edits,) but I may compile it into a novella to be edited and self-published later. We’ll see. c: 

Fabian was rolling his eyes so hard the other night, I swear. I didn’t even see him and I know he was. As soon as I told him about it, I could hear the cringe. Then he sent me this:

He longed for the firm grip of leather in his hand, the scent of burning wood and the billows of heat, he whispered seductively “Hammer…”


That character exists. Not to say he’s in love with his war hammer, he’s just… he really likes hammers. Herald is a precious cinnamon bun that can do no wrong.

SO! Now that I’ve got the ball rollin’ faster on Silk & Swords, the other portion of my time can be dedicated to prepping for NaNoWriMo! Fabian and I did a little bit of work this week and started to decide where we need to go from our starting few chapters. I’m behind on character development. I’ll admit it.

So that’s what the upcoming week is going to be about: character development. I need to fully flesh out all these characters, figure out what makes them tick, why they do the things they do, what kind of families they come from. They need background and stories and ideals. Right now we’ve got the bare bones of their personalities, so I need to make them come to life.

So that’s my plan for the upcoming week. We’ll be about halfway through the SciFi novel by the time I’m done fleshing things out. We’ve got plenty to start with and another week to get more done. I’m not too worried, even as behind as I am.

I also would like to take a moment to remind people that NaNoWriMo is nothing to freak out over. I know, I made a post on Twitter in jest about everyone freaking out over it and how it’s amusing to watch. It is amusing to watch, but only if all the lovelies out there aren’t truly upset.

Just remember, everyone: NaNoWriMo is a self challenge. It’s great if you can finish an entire novel in a month! That’s legitimately awesome. But don’t do it at the expense of your health and sanity. It’s not worth it. More awesome than finishing a novel in a month is recognizing your needs and stepping back when you have to. It takes strength to stand up for yourself when you’re your own worst critic.

Go ahead and freak out a little, but don’t hurt your lovely selves, please.

Have a spoopy day everyone!

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