Preptober: Week One

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Okay, okay, so it’s October 10th and not the first week, but for me it is! I’m a little behind, but that’s alright. I made a post just yesterday about my NaNo predicament, but there’s a lot more that I need to prep for, too! I’m gonna dive into this social media thing here for the first time and it’s gonna be… well. Interesting, I guess. Probably super stressful, too. I have a lot to do and I’m already thinking in my head, “Well, I can’t get a handle on all of it at once enough to make a series of blog posts about it, so it’s not that much, right?”


Perhaps the list of things I need and want to do is not so long, but it’s time consuming and that makes it difficult to wing it and hope I get it all done. So, here’s a short list of blog posts I’m eager to get done this month:

  • Character Spotlight: Catori Spicer
  • Character Spotlight: Arik Mercer
  • General Spotlight: My awesometastic co-author
  • Autumn Reads
  • Autumn Roasts
  • Super Short Story: A Spicer Autumn

That excludes the posts I’ll no doubt make about Preptober and NaNoWriMo. And speaking of, here’s my plan for my Preptober posts!

  • Preptober Week One: This is that post. Yey!
  • Preptober Week Two: Progress & Upcoming Posts/Plans
    • Recap for Week One
    • Character Building for selected NaNo novel
    • Even More Character Building!
    • Edits in here somewhere probably, I can’t seem to stop myself.
  • Preptober Week Three: The Home Stretch
    • Recap for Week Two
    • First few chapters prep
    • I really hope I still have time for those edits.
  • Preptober Recap: Omg Did I Do The Thing?
    • Did I do it, guys?? DID I MAKE IT??
    • Hopefully I’m done with the second draft by now and can sit on those edits for a bit.

So, there’s another four posts! I already hate myself. Just sayin’.

Okay, so I’m gonna outline my plans for Week One last, now that I’ve got all that stuff down and out of my head (and I should really think about making lists off my blog, haha.) So! My list of stuff to do and some posts to expect in the coming days!

  • General Spotlight: My co-author post
  • Manuscript #2 edits
  • Bug Fabian about the scifi project
  • Start the Autumn Reads & Roasts posts.
  • Start the Spicer Autumn post.

Thank god I spent today working on banners for the holidays. Heh.

For those of you wondering why I’m taking all this on, the answer is simple. I might not spend every day writing a novel, but I do want to spend every day writing in some way. This blog helps me do that. It’s also forcing me to get more organized and focused, which I desperately need. I’ve never been more motivated to do something than I am right now with writing and I want to channel that into building my life and building a career.

It’s time to treat this like a job, not a hobby.

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