Preptober: Recap

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AHHH! Guys! Guys! Preptober is officially coming to a close!! You know what that means: NANOWRIMO!

Yeah, fuck Halloween, the end of October now means the beginning of NaNoWriMo. Except, I can’t actually disregard Halloween 1. because it’s one of my favorite holidays if only because of witch aesthetics, and 2. because it’s my mom’s birthday.


I’ll admit it: I plotted out a few chapters and some character information and then I got caught up in pretty much anything else. Now, Fabian is eager to start the third manuscript for our fantasy novels, so we’re probably going to shelve the YA scifi for a little bit. Maybe. I might start it for NaNoWriMo anyway, but I’m pretty sure the third manuscript will be our focus.

Can’t say I didn’t try, haha.

I have been working really hard on Silk & Swords, though, and while that may not be the thing I’m writing in November, it is going to be released in November (the 20th!) so that kind of counts, right? Right?

I’ve also spent a few days working on maps for this world! And I’m so happy with them, I’m full of pride and a lot of love and I can’t stop looking at them. I’ve got one of the world continents down (which includes three countries) and I’m finishing up the capitol city for our main country. The capitol isn’t relevant for anyone reading Silk & Swords, but the other may come in handy just to get a visual.

Wanna see? That’s a stupid question, because I’m going to show you anyway.

The previous map was bright and assaulted the eyes, but it did have the added benefit of showing terrain and stuff a bit better. I opted to drop that in favor of something clean and neat and more map-like.

So, Silk & Swords takes place entirely on the coast, in the Spicer Villa overlooking Port Town. However, it makes mention of a number of other places, including Castle Lemon, The Gate, and Najaat. (And Najaati horses! Guess where those are bred?)

Anyway, back to Preptober. I managed to get through most, of not all, of the things I wanted to get done. I think I can chalk that up to a pretty damn successful Preptober! Which is great, because I’ve never used October to prep for anything before, except perhaps diabetes.

How did everyone do for Preptober, or did you choose not to partake? And if you did, what are you writing for NaNoWriMo? Go ahead, leave me a comment and let me know! I’m curious how everyone fared. 🙂

Have a spoopy day, lovelies! And don’t forget the have the spoopiest of days tomorrow!

(Also, I watched Helltown on Destination America and was severely disappointed. Not the least bit spoopy.)

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