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So, my site was down for a few days there. I was searching for new themes and it broke. 🙁 But my mom is amazing and fixed it, so we’re back up and running! Yes. I’m 28 and my mom had to fix my website for me. Don’t judge me. Silver lining: I found an awesome theme and now my website is pretty much exactly the upgrade I wanted. On to the real post!

Fabian (my co-author) and I have been toying with a YA scifi idea for about a month now. I’m really excited for it and I think he’s really into it as well, but we’ve been stuck on starting the idea. There’s been a few things in the way of planning:

  1. We’re not currently on the same page at the same time.
  2. Fabian’s really excited to start on the third installment of our novel series and has begun prep for that.
  3. We got extremely worked up over finishing the first draft of our second novel.
  4. I dived into editing the second manuscript.
  5. I’m currently trying to juggle some critique partners (and I’d like more!)
  6. Scifi isn’t our usual cup of tea.

That last one might seem like more of an excuse and maybe it is, but it’s also true. Scifi isn’t really my go-to genre for writing and I don’t feel like it’s a strong point for me (despite how much I adore post-apocalyptic anything and how much I’ve written it, haha.) But we focus on fantasy more often than not and I’ve always felt a strong pull towards fantasy, too.

So, let me tell you a little about this idea we have.

It focuses on a group of teens in a dystopian world where knowledge is banned. Books are forbidden and people are only taught the very basics to ensure they can get their work done and communicate properly. However, blackmarket books are totally a thing, and it’s great. What’s more, a book sparks a revolution.

That’s… about it, for now. We have some cool details and the end of the book plotted out, but all the middle bits are missing! We don’t even have names for our two main characters, a brother/sister duo I’m really excited to flesh out. But as you can see… We might be a little behind on preparations.

Now, I’m the one who really wants to do NaNoWriMo. Fabian isn’t so interested, I think. He knows I’d like to write this for NaNo, but he hasn’t expressed an interest in joining me. This also poses a problem. As co-authors, can I even claim his words for my word count?? I’m guessing not. This isn’t so much an issue, unless I have to wait for him to finish a chapter.

But I have a backup plan! I posted a poll on Twitter between three ideas: the scifi idea, a YA steampunk fantasy, and an adult LGBT scifi with lesbian and bisexual nuns. That last one I’ve been sitting on for a while now and I really want to write it. It’s also the one that got the most votes! My biggest issue with writing that one, though, is that it’s not in any way tied to Fabian or the world we write in.

How the fuck is that an issue, you ask? Because if I write with Fabian, I can also focus on editing since I have a partner to aid me in the story. And if I write the YA steampunk, it takes place in the same world as our other novels and therefor keeps me in the right “mood” or “mindset” for editing our manuscripts. Writing the LGBT scifi is an entirely solo project in an entirely different world and the idea of taking on two worlds at once is a little overwhelming without someone to prop me up. I dunno how y’all do it.

However, that YA steampunk would be amazingly fun to write, I think. It focuses on another one of my favorite characters, a young mage named Brielle Pike. She’s the second child (and first daughter) of Lord Pike and she lives in a world where magic isn’t trusted. Unless they’re rich, they don’t really see magic of any kind and therefor the general populace is pretty distrustful towards anyone who has magic. So sixteen year old Brielle gets to struggle with being viewed as an outcast for her magic while simultaneously preparing to go to war as a communications mage, and she has to attend various balls and social functions and play nice with suitors when she’d rather be holed up in a library learning some new spell.

I’m really interested in writing that novel, despite the fact that it doesn’t take place until 1300 years after our initial two manuscripts. But Brielle and her story are tied to the characters in our novels pretty heavily. It’ll take too long to explain that, so I won’t just yet, but her story is one that deserves to be fleshed out and could make an interesting YA novel on its own.

I’m hoping to have a decision by Wednesday or Thursday of this week, because I’d like at least two weeks to flesh out characters and line up the first few chapters. I’m generally a pantser when I write, but I’m trying hard to be more organized and thorough. Too often I forget something crucial and it’s time I stop that.

So, that’s where I’m at with my NaNo prep. Nooot far at all, haha. But, I did get my blog looking nice and pretty and I’m taking some time to veg out, too, which has really been needed. Self-care, lovelies, it’s important!

Have a spoopy day!

P.S. Be on the lookout for an upcoming character spotlight!

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