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As DVpit winds to a close — slowly, so slowly — I’m a mixture of relieved, intrigued, and disappointed. I’m sure there’s a lot of people out there with those same feelings in some capacity and hopefully a lot of people who are also feeling the excitement of having their pitches liked by an agent or editor.

It’s only 8pm for me on October 3rd and I know a lot of agents and editors will scour DVpit for more in the coming days, too. I’m hoping maybe, possibly, we’ll get a like or two from someone later on who missed it the first time or is combing through it late. We shall see. c:

We did get some likes from small publishing companies and editors, which is more my mom’s thing than mine. NineStar Press liked a pitch and the owner says she’s worked at other small publishers that I’ve heard of through my mother (Ellora’s Cave, for example.)

Why, yes! My mother does write the smutty love books! 😉

Honestly, I’d be willing to pop out some good natured, feel-good books for a small publisher, but this series I think would do better at a larger company than a smaller far various reasons I won’t get into now. There’s the added issue of this series not really having any LGBTQ+ themes in it. Sure, there’s characters in it that are, but the theme itself is not based around LGBTQ+ anything. So maybe not the best fit?

It’s a little disappointing, but honestly despite being bisexual, I’m not really sure DVpit was the best pitch party for me to be entering into anyway. It’s filled with #ownvoices which is great, but also not what we’re writing, here.

The likes are encouraging, though. Really encouraging! It means I did better than I did during PitMad, which means I’m hopefully better prepared for the next PitMad. And until then? I’m doing some more editing! Which means coffee, of course.

I’ve been an anxiety riddled ball of restlessness today, though, so that’s where the relief comes in. I’m a little glad it’s over. But tomorrow is also the pitch party for #sonofapitch so I have that to go through, too. That one’s a little easier, I kind of expect — holy shit the 12yo boy I nanny for is scream-laughing like a hyena — anyway, I kind of expect it to be fewer agents and more editors and I’m a little less stressed over it.

I did see some amazing pitches today! And that’s what’s got me intrigued. Oh man, I have to share a few that I absolutely loved because seriously, these were great and I want them in my hands and on my shelves.

Kroger cashier struggles with trust issues to get closer w/ 2 coworkers. Radioactive corpses don’t help. — @JLew100


Idealism kills. Luckily knives do too, & Taln won’t let her prince be martyred chasing the secret sins of the galaxy’s rulers — @Jessespraguex


AND THE MOUNTAINS ECHOED x GONE GIRL Lana traces generations of secrets from Chicago back to Egypt to unravel a family curse. — @GildedWords


An unorthodox devil must battle demons to save his human twin flame & his throne. HADES & PERSEPHONE retelling. — @linhnguyenng

Fucking hell yes on that last one, I lovelovelove the Hades and Persephone story and all of their retellings, particularly because Persephone is a secret badass and Hades gets a bad rap. GIMME. GIMME NOW. <3

Anyway, today’s been a bundle of stress and nerves for me and I really hope others have had a less headache-inducing time of it! And congrats to those with likes! And to those who haven’t gotten any, or those like me who were looking for something other than what they got, keep at it. c: Don’t ignore those likes! Look into it! But don’t give up, either.

A Bundle of Stress and Nerves. Not a bad title?

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