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I’ve been toying with ideas for my first blog post, since this is a fresh start and I have no idea who’s gonna come by and read this. There’s so much to talk about! So much going on! I’m doing new things, I’m chatting with authors, I’m editing almost nonstop! So, it’s totally natural to decide on Twitter for a subject, right?

Okay, so not just Twitter. I was lucky enough to catch a post by the totally awesome Katie Hamstead and get myself into her #SonofaPitch contest/feedback/awesome thing. I’ve been excited for this all weekend and I’m super excited to announce I was put on Rena Rocford’s team, #TeamRainbowDash.

From what I gathered, every entry is sorted out to four separate authors, who then give their critiques and feedback on the plot summaries and first 250 words. And I’m so excited! I love getting feedback, particularly since my second paragraph needs some major work and I’m at a little bit of a loss in terms of fixing it.

So, here’s the deal: When Rena gets to my entry, I’ll be posting it up on my blog and working through the rewrites in blog format! You get to watch my rewrite progress!

Please bring coffee and some bandages, maybe a ThermaCare patch for my back.

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