Well, my name is Annicka and I’m twenty-six years old. I’m from southern California, but not the part that’s near the beaches. No, I had to move out to the desert where it’s super hot and we don’t have the convenience of the cold Pacific waters. I’m a self-proclaimed lazy gamer lady and if there is a shortcut, I will probably try taking it at least once (unless it involves my animals; they get the best of everything.)

But this blog, while it will probably touch on some personal things, will also be my little slice of interwebs where I can share the lovely things I come across, be it music, decorative projects, animal advice, or the tips and recipes I pick up in college life. You will read about the trials I go through as a new apartment renter living on my own for the first time, as well as the frustrations of being a physically healthy adult in public with a service dog. You get to read about all my wedding plans and discover my distaste for cutesy signs that rhyme.

This won’t be your average recipe blog, college life blog, book blog, or personal rant space. You’ll find all these things here, but I hope to bring a unique perspective to these various categories.¬†Between all these things, it sometimes seems I have no social life at all! (To be fair, my social life kind of exists only in those gaps between classes during the week.)

I hope you stick around and feel free to comment, follow, and let me know what you think. : )